How to rank Number 1 organically on Google

How to rank Number 1 organically on Google

I think long term its better to get off of adwords and rank organically.   this is a timely process though and can take anywhere from 2-6 months.   adwords are ok in the meantime.

How to rank#1 organically on Google

The problem is there is no hard fast rule because google changes things every 2-3 months so what worked 6 months ago doesnt necessarily work now.

  1. A) the first thing i recommend is place an ad saying that you are looking for an SEO specialist thats willing to work internally in your business and NOT by monthly commission or charge.  so offer something like $15-20/hour is reasonable or tell them $400-600/week for 30-40 hrs work.  when you interview them make sure they have done this before and ask for some references and website they have done.  if they have worked for another SEO company is a perfect scenario.  then do your research from there.
  1. B) for the first 1-2 months have them work in your office and ask for coaching on this.  you don’t need to know exactly what they do but know what they are doing.  this way you at least are getting educated on whats going on.  the chances are they are going to:

1) Up to date Website

  • structure your website so its GG friendly (ie. mobile, and formatted exactly how GG likes to rank website).
  • check out what we did.

2) Content is king

  • then they are going to ask you to blog regular based on specific keywords in your industry
  • to give you an example, what we did was we blogged religiously for 3x/week on the most searched terms on the internet.
  • we followed a blog format that maximized how we would be found from google as well.  we didnt just write randomly.  to give you an example, here is how we did our regional blogs.  content blog such as “how to paint exterior” are done differently.  but you should get the idea.  PDF of how we did regional blogs.

3) Quality Backlinks

  • then they are going to probably get some good organic backlinks to link to your website
  • you can help with this but takes time and effort.
  • you can make yourself the expert by appearing on interview shows such as i did last week, etc etc.
  • here are a list of mine to give you an example.

4) Review sites

  • Then join review sites such as HomeStars, Angie’s Lists, Better Business Bureau, Google Places, Yelp and get as many good reviews from clients as possible.
  • Once you are don’t a job, have them fill out a satisfaction form at the end of each job. Here is the one we use.  (PDF of HPT form)


  • The key take things 1 step at a time.  it took me 4 years to get to where i am.
  • start with getting a good SEO guy, blogging, join HomeStars get some reviews, and go from there.  The rest will happen over time if you keep working on it.