Our mission and value

There's no need to go it alone anymore

Purpose and Mission

Our mission at Painting Marketer is to empower painting business owners to become successful leaders in their industry and help them attain their hopes and dreams.


Core Values

1) Commitment to The Customer Experience: As an organization we must explore every possible way to ensure that our customer experience is the best.

2) CANI: Constant and Never-ending Improvement in all facets of our business.

3) Trust and Respect: Everything starts with trust and respect. These are key values we must extend to both our customers and employees.

4) Passionate and Hardworking: Passion and hard work are the fundamentals behind all successful businesses.

5) Attainment of Dreams: All of us have dreams. Our goal is to help both our customers and employees find and reach their dreams in life.

6) Gratitude and Charity: We are fortunate and grateful to have all we have today, and part of gratitude is giving back. We are committed to paying it forward and making the world a better place.