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We help painters succeed

Every Team Member at Painting Marketer is an expert in their field.

Brian Young, owner and founder, has 28 years of battle-tested experience in the painting field making every imaginable mistake an owner could make. He learned the hard way what to do and what not to do in order to succeed.

The most painful way to learn is trail and error.   A 15-year consecutive losing streak has taught Brian what to avoid with your painting business. On the other hand, having utilized the help of a team of coaches, employing specific online and offline marketing tactics, and learning from some of the top marketing experts and programs on the planet has led to the following results for Brian Young and his local painting business over the past 4 years:

  • Growing his revenues over 500%, from $375K per year to over $2 million per year
  • Increasing his employees from 0 to 8 in-house staff
  • Multiplying his painting subcontractors from 4 crews to more than 20 crews
  • Doubling his vacation days from 30 to over 60
  • Cutting his work week down from 90 hours to 60 hours per week

These results speak for themselves, and Brian has spent hundreds of hours finding ways to package his knowledge into a proven system that has been thoroughly tested and, more importantly, works.