How to Win the Psychology Game of Entrepreneurship

How to Win the Psychology Game of Entrepreneurship

The way I’ve always seen it, entrepreneurship is 90% psychology and 10% tools and techniques. It’s a mind game and mental battle from start to end and never gets easier. This is the #1 obstacle that kills entrepreneurs before they even get into the game, not the resources available to them.

I’ve been through 15 years of struggling sales which resulted in a long and painful mental battle. There were dozens and dozens of times I wanted to quit, but didn’t. Pigheaded determination and active faith in myself carried me through even the toughest of times.

Eventually I found myself a business coach who revamped my archaic marketing method, which was a real game changer. This lead to increase sales of over 350% in less than 3 years.  But without mental strength, I wouldn’t have even hired the coach and would have been dead in the water before I got even started. How did I get through this long 15 year battle without quitting?

Here are the top ways I stayed mentally strong even in the toughest of times:

1) Great Role Models

  • Role models can prove to be inspirational, motivational, and educational, saving you years of trial and error.
  • There are dozens of great role models I’ve used in the past, but everyone’s idea of a role model is different.
  • Some of my top role models include:
    • Inspirational role models like Tony Robbins.
    • Business role models such as Donald Trump and Mark Cuban.
    • Personal role models in my Dad and personal friends.
  • The bottom line is that it’s crucial to have great role models or mentors to go to for help, inspiration, and guidance along the way.

2) Motivational Speeches, Movies, and Quotes

  • This is something I listen to weekly to keep myself sharp, motivated, and mentally strong. If you go to YouTube and search for “motivational speeches” or “entrepreneurship motivation” you should find a ton of speeches and movies that will keep you motivated no matter how bad a day you are having.
  • I loved the Rocky movies growing up. His training scenes would get me pumped up no matter how down I was at the time.
  • Some other miscellaneous motivational speeches:
    • The Independence Day speech with Bill Pullman
    • The Scent of a Woman final scene with Al Pacino
    • Gordon Gekko scenes from Wall Street – ie. The “greed” speech
    • Boiler Room – Ben Affleck’s speeches; Reco scene
    • Glengarry Glen Ross – Alec Baldwin’s speech on “closing”
    • Top Gun – the “best of the best” speech; final dogfight scene
    • Any many more – just YouTube it!

3) Self Improvement Courses and Audio

  • This is something you can be listening to in the car on your way to your next appointment or something you listen to as you fall asleep.
  • For courses I allot a certain budget every year. I sometimes go over it but I justify it by going for more sales.
  • Top programs I have taken include:
    • Strategic Coach – 3+ year program
    • The E-Myth – 10 month online coaching course
    • Business Mastery I – with Tony Robbins – 5 day intensive seminar
    • Business Growth Masters; Core Story – Chet Holmes
    • And several smaller programs as well

4) Peer Group

  • Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can be lonely and isolating. Having a core group of business owners who are going through similar issues is crucial to having success in the mental game of business.
  • There are several mastermind groups in most major cities.
  • Friends or business colleagues who are in a similar business as you can also be just as helpful.
  • Conferences are also a great way to network and find likeminded owners who are having similar problems.

5) Got a Coach

  • My biggest game changer was in 2011 when I finally capitulated and hired some outside help in a business coach. I refused to change for over a decade out of stubbornness. However, once I hired the right coach it was the start of a new era for Home Painters Toronto and paved the road for a 350% increase in revenues in less than 3 years.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek outside help in a coach – personal or business or both.

Even consider a subcontractor to get you over the hump on something you